About Rosa…

Dear Friends,
Let me begin by thanking everyone for their continued support and kind words. It always inspires me. Cooking is something I give from my heart and it is a pleasure sharing my foods and my stories with you all.

Growing up, so many people filled our home, many of whom were immigrants as we were all newly arrived from all various regions of Italy. Everyone sat around the table, telling stories from the old country. Many of my parent’s friends lived and grew up in Italy and somehow ended up living in Boston. As we sat just spending time, out would come the most incredible foods that could only be prepared if one was well stocked in her pantry and had done her preserves as one should.

So go to your pantries, pull out some out of-nothing ingredients, and cook something delicious to share foods with family and friends. Create the memory that gets tucked away and pulled out on long winter days when the snow falls gently and the stillness embraces the heart holding all of ones most loved memories.

~ Rosa